Hi All,

We are upgrading the controllers on our SAN. It's a SUN StorageTek 6140 being upgraded to the 6780 Model (Fibre Channel). The disk shelves are staying as they are and the controller heads are being upgraded. The entire environment will be shutdown during this migration.

According to the SUN Engineers the WWN of the LUNs will stay the same, however the WWPN of the controller ports will change. In some environments (eg ESX) this causes an issue and steps need to be taken to ensure that the OS does not treat the migrated LUNs as "Hardware Snapshots" where it thinks it's a copy of the old LUN. ESX writes a signature on the disk so it can track these things. After the controllers have changed there is a signature mismatch and the LUNs need to be "re-signed" before they can be used.

As far as NetWare in this environment goes we have 2 NW65 (SP7) Clusters with 4-5 nodes in each cluster. They all have LUNs on this SAN (except boot disks are local to the servers). We have also configured MPIO across all NW hosts so that the primary path is used and no "path thrashing" occurs.

I have the following questions for the experts here:

1) Will NetWare / Media Manager care if the LUNs appear on a different controller port after this migration, or will it just activate and mount the pools as per normal ?

2) Will we have to reconfigure the MPIO path priorities after the migration ?

3) Are there any special concerns we need to watch out for in relation to the SBD partitions ? Will they need to be recreated ?

Based on past experience doing P2V migrations with NetWare into VMWare I don't think NetWare will mind. However we have never done this kind of operation with Clustering also involved so I'm keen to here what others have to say.

Thanks and Advance!