I currently have a Netware 6.5sp8 server running an MTA, Webaccess and
Gwia. The gwia's sole purpose is to provide imap service to people. I
have other gwia's on other server's providing smtp service. All
Groupwise agents are currently running at 8.0.1hp1. Ever since
upgrading to 8.x.x imap has been incredibly unstable. I was hoping the
latest hp1 patch would help, but it hasn't. Version 7 was by far the
most stable imap implementation since we starting providing imap for
people way back in version 5.5. The user complaints have become
overwhelming so I want to move this particular gwia back to version 7
but keep everything else on this server at 8. Is there anything else I
need to do other then create a specific folder (other then sys:\system)
with all of the V7 gwia files and run it from there in protected mode?
Unfortunately the ssl certificate is tied to the dns name and that's
also shared with webaccess so I can't just move the imap service to
another server easily without having all of the users reconfigure their
imap clients. Any hints on how to go about moving gwia back to 7 while
keeping everything else at 8 would be appreciated.