I have a BM3.8 sp5 server running on NW6.0sp5 that is having avend issues
on boot in filtsrv.nlm.

I went on site to check this server when it abended after a filter exception
was added and it abended. It would not fully start, as it abended every
time filtsrv.nlm loaded.

I am able to bring the server up by starting with a -na switch ad replacing
the filters.cfg file with an old copy that we had backup up a few months
ago. I am able to add/modify exceptions without issue. If I reinitialize,
however, the abends start again. Also, if I restart the server for any reason,
filtsrv abends.

I noticed when going through the filters after getting the server running,
some of them appeared to be corrupt. IE: duplicates, incomplete entries.
I am able to remove the aparant corruption with issue, but still cannot

I attributed the issues to problems syncing filters.cfg with NDS. Filters
on this server are always managed by filtcfg, so I added the set filtserv
nonds=on switch to autoexec.ncf to prevent that sync from occurring. I don't
think this is working, as I am still having trouble restarting the server,
and filters that were added to the system before the filters.cfg that I am
installing was saved.

I hope this all makes sense, and that someone out there has an idea.

My next step will be to clear the NDS filters and migrate the filters.cfg
with the filtserv -cf command. I just want to bounce this out there to make
sure it isn't a bad idea..

thanks in advance
Dave Hagen