Environment - NW 6.5 SP5 eDir with BM 3.8 SP5.

We are trying to download a document from the following site:


We created a general exception in the Firewall for all IPs on our network (we own a Class C range) as follows:

Source Interface: Private
Destination Interface: Public
Packet Type: ftp-pasv-st
Protocol: TCP
Src Port: <All>
Dest Port: 21
Stateful Filtering: Enabled FTP(PASV)
Src Address: Network XXX.XXX.0.0/
Dest Address: Any Address

When we try to access the file, we get the following error:

Status : 504 Gateway Time-Out
Description : Unable to connect to origin Web server.
Note : If necessary, please contact your Systems Administrator for resolution

Yet when I try from the outside, no problem.

Any Ideas????