I have an NOWS SBE 2.0 with NSS installed, and several XP SP3 machines with Novell Client 4.91 SP5 and a Windows 7 with Novell Client 2.
When i do a file copy from the server with a file of 1.8Gb, Windows Xp estimate the time of copy in about 90 minutes, and if i try to copy the same file from Windows 7, it takes around 4 minutes, with the same wired connection.

Does anyone know if there is any option in the Novell Client that can cause this behaviour? The login time is very good, slp is working correctly, from the xp machines i can navigate all the network, but if try to make a file operation, the speed is about 250-500 Kb/s from Xp, and about 8Mb from Windows 7.