In trying to reduce install time for large MSI installs (using many files) I have resorted to zipping the files (as many other people have done).

The problem I have is the install file is approx 600MB in size and ZCM does some interesting things when it gets down to the workstation. It starts by caching the encrypted file to a temp directory and then proceeds to unencrypt the file to a cache directory on the ws. From there it then copies the now unencrypted file to the destination directory from the bundle settings.

This is nice and all, but it duplicates a 600MB file during install which is then unzipped (3+ times the space). This extra space taken is not as annoying as the extra time it takes to make a duplicate of the large file (especially on slower laptop drives). Since I am going to unzip the file anyways, it would be best if I could do it straight from the unencrypted cache directory so we cut out this extra copy in the middle. Is this possible to do?

Also, does anyone have any "best" practices for doing these zipped installs? I first tried using major compression on the zip file but didn't realize zcm encrypts and compresses. So in essence I was compressing the file twice and then uncompressing took a long time in two separate stages. I am now trying a store method (no compression but reduce everything to one file) and letting ZCM encrypt/compress and I noticed the cache file is definitely smaller when encrypted on the server (250MB vs 600MB). I am expecting some better install time, but haven't tried yet. Ultimately, I would like to try an ISO method and let a program mount the ISO image and install from that so unpacking and install happen simultaneously and saves install space. Anyone try these things?

I am refusing to use network shares at this time, as we want to maintain the portability and cleanliness of the repositories.