Does Bordermanager port forward? I am using Groupwise 6.5 along with
bordermanager, web access, vpn and other things on the same box.I am
installing a Barracuda Spam Firewall hardware appliance that I need to
redirect all mail traffic to and then back into GW. The problem is my
public mail address is also used for web,vpn etc. so I can't simply NAT to
the barracuda. I would like to simply port forward port 25 of my public
address to the Barracuda private address and then on to the GWIA.

A collegue told me there is no port forwarding in BM and that I would have
to add a secondary public address, change my MX record, and static NAT to
the Barracuda with that. While that sounds like a reasonable approach I
would like to avoid changing my MX record and be able to easily go back and
forth while I test the barracuda appliance. This is a live corporate email
system and I need to cause as little disruption as possible.

If there is a way to port forward SMTP traffic to a private address please
let me know the best way to do it . THANKS!