Hello All,

Maybe you can help me figure out what could be causing our remote mailbox issues.

We have been on GW 8SP1 since November. Since then 5 out of our 8 salesmen have had issues with their remote mailbox corrupting. They receive a message telling them that Groupwise has found a problem with their remote mailbox and asks them to rebuild. I put the SP1 HP1 patch on the server and clients last weekend but it has not helped.

One of them was fine after the rebuild but the other 4 still have had issues. Here is a summery of what has happened for each of them.

Salesmen 1: Received the error and let it rebuild. Received it again within a few days and let it rebuild again. I renamed his remote folder and did a hit the road to completely recreate his mailbox. This fixed him so far. (about 2 weeks)

Salesmen 2: Received the error and let it rebuild. I went ahead and renamed his remote mailbox and recreated it from scratch since that fixed salesmen 1. As soon as the recreating was complete, I tried to go into his mailbox and received the error asking me to rebuild. I uninstalled GW client and reinstalled. I deleted that new remote folder and recreated it again with only 30 days worth of mail this time. Again when I tried to open it it said it needed to rebuild. These are fresh remote mailboxes!! This time I let it rebuild and have since done larger date span send retrieves to pick up the last several years of mail. It seems ok not but I am not too confident it will stay. This was today so not sure if it will stick.

Salesmen 3: Was for some reason unable to forward a message out of his remote mailbox. I decided to do a preemptive recreation of his remote mailbox. The new remote mailbox lasted about 5 days and then we received the error asking to rebuild! This was today so not sure if it will stick.

Salesmen 4: Received the error and rebuilt. Was ok for a week. Received the error again and rebuilt. Was ok for a few days. Came in today and said his mailbox had forced him to rebuild twice over the weekend. I have not had time to work on his yet.

So in summary, I came in today had two that were forced to rebuild today and had a third that rebuilt twice over the weekend!

I do run GW maintenance every weekend. I have checked those users logs and one of the salesmen shows completely error free and the other two only have "Outdated execution record" errors which I think are pretty normal.

Any ideas? Could it be our Anti-Virus is causing a problem with the DB? We use Symantec Endpoint Protection. It never was a problem with GW 6.5.