I thought I had Zenworks 7 mastered for distributing applications. I began distributing apps with ZFD 4, went to 6.5 and on to 7 over the last 9 years. I began trying to migrate my existing ZFD 7 apps to ZCM 10.x and had many issues. The pre-ZCM versions of Zenworks used to be fairly straight forward to create an MSI app...point to the MSI file on the network, reference a MST file if necessary, etc. I've never really liked the idea of the content repository for applications with ZCM, but I understand where it could be useful. In my environment, I don't like the idea of copying the entire application source down to the PC, mainly because 95% of our PCs are on desktops connected to the local network - it adds what seems an unnecessary step to copy files down to the local drive and THEN install from the local drive. Even one of the MSIEXEC commands (/a) is to create an Administrative install folder on a network share, why not install from there and skip the whole step of copying everything down locally? I really didn't understand why I needed to copy the source down to the PC when it was readily available from a network share whenever it's needed. Since I've been learning more about how ZCM works and seeing a little bit about what others have experienced, I wonder if what I've found may be of use to others or if maybe I could be doing things better...

I created some system wide ZCM variables so all of my bundles could use them, something like ${ZCMServer}, ${ZCMShare}, ${ZCMUser}, and ${ZCMPass}. I use the following example for almost all of my apps as a Windows bundle, action being 'Run Script' (as System):
@echo off
net use \\${ZCMServer}\${ZCMShare} ${ZCMPass} /u:${ZCMServer}\${ZCMUser}

pushd "\\${ZCMServer}\${ZCMShare}\whatevermfr\whateverap p"
msiexec /i "appinstall.msi" /qn

net use \\${ZCMServer}\${ZCMShare} /delete

specifying ${comspec} as the engine
/C as the parameter

So for the above example, all I really need to change is 'whatevermfr\whateverapp' and 'appinstall.msi' as I create new apps. Created a single ${ZCMUser} on the Windows 2003 server that hosts ZCM services and shared ${ZCMShare} with read rights.

My logic of course, should I need to change a password or shared folder or server, I can just change the value of whichever variable and be done with it in one spot (ZCM Configuration) for all apps. I've been associating all of the apps with the ZCM equivalent of Workstation Objects (= devices?).

Please let me know if I'm heading towards disaster or if anyone foresees any pitfalls with this.

Thanks in advance.

ZCM 10.2.2 on Windows 2003 Server (no domain or AD).