Hello all,

I am hoping to get help with a specific scenario that, as far as I can tell, is not covered by the GroupWise 8 Installation Guide.

We have an existing GroupWise 8 system, running on NetWare, with two domains. The server that has the primary domain, GWIA, and WebAccess, is overloaded, so I am trying to move the GWIA and WebAccess onto a new OES2 server.

The steps, as I understand them, are as follows:

- Install ConsoleOne;
- Install GroupWise Administration;
- Configure Administration (creating a new software distribution directory on the OES2 server);
- Create a secondary domain;
- Install and configure the GroupWise agents;
- Install and configure GWIA and WebAccess.

When I do all this, the MTA, GWIA, and WebAccess application are running fine, but the WebAccess Agent crashes with a segmentation fault upon launch.

I've got a ticket open with Novell support, but so far they aren't coming up with anything.

Am I missing any steps?

A few specific questions - when running the Administration configuration wizard, I get to a step where it asks me if I'm installing a new system or updating an existing system. I hit cancel at this point because I'm doing neither. Is that creating any problem?

Also, when configuring the Agents, I'm asked what domains/post offices it will be servicing. Should I just add the new (secondary, OES2) domain, or should I add all three domains and the two existing post offices?

Are there any guides or white papers for doing this that anyone can point me to?

(I'm assuming this is some WebAccess-specific bug since all the other components seem fine, but I'm grasping at straws. The problem persists even after uninstalling all the components, deleting the directory objects and file structure, and starting over. I haven't blown away the VM and recreated it, but that's my next step.)

Any help anyone can give me is appreciated!

- Steve