i was trying to install NW6.5 SP8 on a Dell vostro 220, using custom install and the following drivers:

MPS14.PSM with IDEHD.CDM and IDECD.CDM as storage drivers
and with RTGESRV.LAN as the LAN Driver
I was able to create a 8GB Sys Volumen and they all seemed to be working but when the installation program starts to copy systems files to the SYS Vol the installation stops randomly with this error:

SERVER-5.70-1534 nmID=B0013
Device "[V025-A0-D0:0] WDC WD1600AAJJ-75M0A0 f/w:02.03E02" deactivated by driver due to device failure.

and it never finish to copy the systems files.

Any idea what the problem is?
Thanks you in advance for your help
Ricardo Zam