BorderManager 3.8 on NetWare 5.1 - I have plenty of successful
ftp-port-pasv-st exceptions that I use, but now I need one for an
FTPS/Implicit SSL connection, which *should* user port 990. But when I
define an exception (creating a new packet type, TCP, All source ports to
990, stateful) I'm able to connect, but I cannot browse folders or transfer
files. For grins I even tried making an exception for ALL TCP ports from my
FTP PC to their server - oddly, that wouldn't allow me to connect at ALL.

Drop filters, and I can get it to work just fine. I would do a TCPIP DEBUG =
0, but when I do that, BorderManager usually crashes now, and last time it
crashed, it would immediately abend on reboot, and it took me 4 hours to
crawl out of this hole.

I just recently got brave enough to make new filters again (it was making
them all disappear every time I made a change for the longest time).

Anyone have any experience with this form of FTP? I've done FTP of course,
SFTP, and other secure FTP transfers, but this is the first vendor who want
FTPS/Implicit SSL, which I understand is not nearly as prevalent as Explicit