Okay - so my Zino HD has arrived, and now I'm getting used to the idea that I
will not use a Mac based computer for our media center <heehee>. I can put a
Zino in our room and the TV room for less than one Mac Mini <pout> - and Apple
TV seems too limited for what we want to do!

So, here's what I have installed thus far:

Windows Media Center - this seems to have live TV episodes that are not
available on Hulu (most notably CBS).

Hulu - more internet TV - and definitely things that are not in the Windows
Media center internet offierings.

Boxee - can't decide if I will use it.

Tivo Desktop to download programs from the TiVO to keep on the server. If all
goes according to plan, our TiVO Series 3 will be moved to my daughter's room,
and her Humax TiVO will be sold. We will just copy things down to the drive
that we want to watch from her Tivo. And eventually, if all works out, the
Tivos will probably all go, and we'll just have Live, recorded, internet and CD
to watch - hmmmmm.

My Hauppage TV tuner - I hate the WinTV software that came with it and hope that
when Windows Meda Center finishes going through its eternal setup this will be
better than the WinTV software that came with the Hauppage card.

iTunes to watch some iTunes video content that probably can't be viewed any
other way.

Is there anything else I need? Any opinions on the differences between using
Boxee and Windows Media Center for watching recorded shows that can be found on
the hard drive or the network?


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