Hi all.

OK, quick info on your setup. ZCM 10.2 with Windows XP workstations.

I have 352 registered, split among a few folders in "Workstations"

I've created a simple bundle, and assigned it to force run to all of the folder where the workstations are based.

On the "Bundle Status" under "Overall Deployment Status" it shows

Devices Pending = 35
Devices Succeeded = 216
Devices Failed = 0

So that equals 251 workstations.

Above this section is "Assignment Status" and this shows

Targeted = Recalculate ???
Devices Effective = "251"
Not Effective = "0"
Pending = ???

If i click either of the "???" it shows Targeted = 352 and Pending as 101.

My question is, why is the total number of devices for the "Overall Deployment Status" not match what appears when i click "???" and it changes to 352 for the targeted devices?

See attached screenshot.