I have an application that is running on a workstation that goes out to the internet to download info every 10-15 minutes. I have tried to set up the filters to allow this workstation full access out to the internet, but the filters get in the way. I have set an Any Any rule (filter exceptions,hitting insert and saving the filter). I have alway been under the impression, that by doing this, it will allow everybody full access out and in. When I do this, the application will not run. When I take the filters down, the app works without any problems. I have done a packet capture and have found the address that it is connecting to and also found that the workstation is doing an FTP connection to a MS FTP server. Going through the packet scan I see a TCP, FTP and FTP-DA connection with the filters down. Why will this not work with the filters. It was working fine, then we moved to a new location. (the workstation got a new IP address at the new location) The filter exception was modified to the new IP address and filters reloaded. It has not worked since. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance