I am having a problem with filtering on a BM 3.8 SP5 server. There is an application running on a workstation that goes out to the internet every 10-15 minutes. With the filters down, everything works fine. I have tried setting up a filter exception to allow full access out to the internet for this machine, but anything I try will not work. I have even created an Any Any rule (in filtcfg filter exceptions, create a new filter exception, select any for the protocol and save) I have always been under the impression that creating this type of filter will allow anybody in or out through BM. I have done a packet capture with ethereal and have found the IP address that this workstation is connecting to. The protocols it seems to be using is FTP, TCP, and FTP-DA. I also found that the workstation is attempting to connect to a MS FTP server. Why will this not work.

Any suggestions?

THanks in advance