Man,, Novell continues to surprise me..( which it now )

SO; we just sat up 7 old PC's with XP to be used as Satellites for
remote offices.

Each machine with it's own name,
Each machine "clean" with all win-updates,etc, but nothing else.
Each machine with a set IP address and remote desktop enabled.
ALL 7 machines done from the same Zen Image ( zen7 )

This all done so that we could remote take over these PC's,
then install the zen-agent and promote them to SAT's.

So,, what happens ??
Well, so far, EXACTLY 50% of the PC's switches to DHCP when the agent
is installed and the PC is rebooted.

This isn't a real deal-breaker since we can find them on the
DHCP/Console, but WHY ???

They are the exact same HW, same BIOS, Same Image,
still the agents see's it as a good idea to switch half of them to
DHCP while the rest works as designed.

Again, not impossible to solve since we do find them through DHCP
and connect and set them AGAIN to set IP.....

Im just so tired of these bugs.....