I am implementing an email retention policy in our GroupWise environment, using a third-party product.

One of the compromises in our new retention policy is that we'll skip archiving any items in the Junk Mail folder (I perceive the possible abuse, but we're willing to accept the risk by not explicitly letting the users know that). I score email using Amavisd, SpamAssassin, and ClamAv, and use our GWIAs' Junk Mail handling feature; I've got all client options locked to enabling Junk Mail Handling, with auto-delete set to 21 days.

However, we're also incorporating the archiving retention flag so that all emails are archived prior to deletion. As I understand it items in the Junk Mail folder are also subjected to the retention flag, and after 21 days are sent to trash.

See the problem developing?

So, if I understand the process correctly, even though I do not archive items in the Junk Mail folder, when they get moved to Trash they'll still not be deleted because the retention flag was not set, and thus will be archived from the trash, at which point they can be deleted.

First, is my understanding of this correct? If so, does anyone have a clever way to get around archiving spam with these policy/technical limitations?

Second, if this is not workable, what's a good strategy to handle it? Should I archive the spam from the Junk Mail folder, or should I archive them from the Trash (this is more of a style question than a policy question)? I've been pretty lenient on delivering a lot of spam to the client; if this becomes unworkable I may have to tighten down what I auto-delete at the spam filtering box and deliver fewer items to the client (I don't foresee this as a problem; it's rare that we get ham in the Junk Mail folder and/or auto-deleted).

Thoughts/feedback appreciated.