I'm using the migration utility to pre-copy files before actually migrating servers.

I did some testing and found that the read performance is in fact about 10 times slower than write performance to the same server (over the network).

Example: I can drop a 700MB file on the server in about 20 seconds, but copying the same file back will take 6 minutes.

I'm not seeing excessive CPU or memory load or anything. The connection to the network is a 1GB fiber link. The switch shows link at 1000/full and shows no errors inbound or outbound.

The only indicator I've found so far is in TCPCON showing what I would consider excessive re-transmits stacking up.

As it stands right now, I'm letting it run slow, its taking about 22 hours total to sync ~500GB over from server to server. I just want to take a crack at this before my cutover when it has to scan the trustees again. I think it will add a significant amount of time to my migration.

Side note: See any issues with going right from 6.5SP5 w/eDir to 6.5SP8 with eDir 8.8SP2?