We have 2 Netware 6.5 servers. One has BorderManager 3.9 installed, which serves as the proxy for all of our workstations. We host our mail on our that server, and we host our website at tigertech.net, who also hosts our DNS records. (We recently moved the website there from another hosting company, which I think may be a part of this issue.) Our server has not been able to download virus signatures lately, so I started looking into why that would be. What I discovered is a problem perhaps with DNS resolution or something...

1. Our workstations are set to use and as their DNS servers. (That is our ISP's nameservers) Everything is OK with all workstations.
2. Our non-BM server (DSA_SERVER) works fine.
3. Our RESOLVE.CFG on our Bordermanager server (DSA_PROJECTS) looks like:

domain mydomainname.com.

Our hosts file is:

# loopback lb localhost # normal loopback address DSA_PROJECTS # this is the server with the problem DSA_server # this server is fine sri-nic.arpa nic.ddn.mil nic wsmr-simtel20.army.mil simtel20

Our HOSTNAME file is dsa_projects

When I ping ANYTHING AT ALL from our BM server, as soon as I enter the Host name, the seconds to pause between pings, and the IP packet size to send in bytes and then hit the <Esc> key to start the ping, the ping screen pops up like it should, BUT the website listed in the Node column ALWAYS reads amy. tigertech.net. (Actually it reads amy. tigertech.n because there isn't enough room to display the entire web addess.)

I do not think that I changed anything on my end, so was guessing that my website host (who also hosts the DNS records for mydomain.com) has different records somehow than my last DNS host, and my server is having a lookup problem and forcing every request to tigertech.net.

(BTW, tigertech.net is willing to make any changes to our DNS entries that we need, I just don't know what to ask them to do, if anything.)