Hi all,

XP sp2 or sp3
Client 4.91 sp5 pure ip
NW 6.5.6 server

We have the following location profiles setup on our school workstations:

<school> Teachers
<school> Students

At the login popup, the context will not match what is set in the Novell client settings. I believe this is being caused by some users (mostly students) not bothering to use a location profile, but simply clicking the Advanced button, and entering the context manually. But then we are ending up with a context of "students.<school>.ou.o.tree" associated with the "<school> Teachers" location profile.

My question is, is there a setting in the client that is causing this to be saved? "Save profile after successful login" is not checked in any of the service instances associated with the location profiles. It seems to me after a reboot the the location profile settings should return to normal.

Thanks as always

Len Bonk
Network Analyst
Community Unit School District 200