Perhaps I am doing something wrong or not looking in the correct spot.

If I use ZPM in ZCM, there seems to be some deficiencies:

a) Refresh of patch status. Meaning I go into Patch Management, click on a patch and select Actions -> Update Cache. I get the icon to change animation but it NEVER changes status unless you manually refresh the web browser. I do not believe that ZPM 6.4.x (Novell branded product) behaves this way. I think the ZPM 6.4.x will refresh the page automatically for you so you know when it's done downloading.

b) Patch deployment status - you can't really tell what's going on with the devices. In ZPM 6.4.x I can go into devices and I see animations as to what the machine status is (is it on, is it doing a DAU, is it deploying a patch). I don't seem to be able to find any of this information in ZCM (meaning I can't just look at the device icon and see what it's doing, I have to go into the patches tab or something to see if it got deployed, but I don't know what the "live" status of the machine is).

c) Patch Deploys in general - I am pretty sure I can go into ZPM 6.4.x and find my deployment tab and see what I chose to deploy, when, and to which machines. I don't seem to be able to find this in ZCM. I do see something like "deploy on some heinous formatted date/time" but that's it. I have to scrounge around inside the deploy to the actions section and even then it doesn't reall show me in a nice format which machines it was deployed to, let alone the status of the machines.

Again, I could be looking in the wrong spot, or perhaps it's not there.