I'm not finding the info I need...hopefully someone here has some

I can use PDF editing software and create and insert a digital
signature on a PDF document. This signature will state that it is
issued by me and to me. The problem with doing it this way is anyone
can create a certificate with anyone else's name. There is no
guarantee as to who created the signature.

Verisign has True Credentials for Adobe. If I buy into that, I get
tokens that are issued to individuals. So we can guarantee the
signatures creator.

I also found CoSign www.arx.com . They have a product called CoSign
Central that I can use that requires authentication (even appears to
integrate with eDirectory). It looks like this will guarantee the
signatures creator. But the problem with this one is it doesn't
appear to use or allow the use of the main Trusted Root CAs. Although
I assume we could just send out our public key.

Is anyone aware of any other options? Thanks!


Novell....it does a server good!