Since there is no mod_edir function in Linux, I plan to do the following:

Build OES Linux A.M.P. web server, amd use the "UserDir" directive so that
when users type
"" they will get content out of the home
directory of the user "username"

For now, I will have both a web and users file system on the Linux server
because I still have some apps the depend on NetWare running on our main
server, the main users home directory will be on Netware and the user web
directory will be on the Linux box. So, from the login script, I currently
map the users home directory to H: "Netware-server\users:\home\username\";
and their web directory to W:
"Netware-server\users:\home\username\public_html" as both reside on the
Netware box. With all else being equal, the users web directory will now be
on the Linux box under OES-Linux-server\user:\username\public_html. Should
I use NSS or the Linux file system for the partitions that will hold the
user directories so that they can map to them? I am new to Linux just need
some guidance.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Darrell Eddy