We have lots of problems with rebooting our cluster and we had need to reboot cluster again. Takes 2 hours to get all cluster resources back on-line. Cluster resources for the most part will come back on-line but some will not load and go comatose.

While observing the problem again this evening noticed this.....

When I type sbdutil -f to check and see if server still sees sbd partition I get:

It was either access denied or permission denied. Not in front of server and this was a couple of hours ago.

Can anyone give us an idea why this is happening?
Once we found a server doing this, we figured we'd have to reboot that server.

How long between time when you can run this command on multiple servers?
Would this command lock a server up if it was ran either too quickly or at the same time on two servers.

I am thinking this command is server-related and it would only affect that server.

I've also ran Novell Support Advisor on our 1st cluster server a few times and sometimes it reports back that it can't see sbd partition. What's up with this.

We've check /var/log/messages. Any other good log files to check?