I have a NW6.5 server, with BM3.8 installed.

I have had to remnove DS from the BM server, and add DS back again.

Using NWAdmin, I have manually added back the Genric TCP proxy info, and
HTTP Acceleration info.

I am tryng to get the deny filters / exceptions working.

When I load ipflt, then do a filtcfg, in the deny filters / exceptions bit
they are both empty. If I try and add a new rule to them and it seems to let
me add a new rule, asks if I want to save it. Even if say yes to save it,
then the list is still empty after that.

Tired DSrepair,"filtsrv -cf" and "filtsrv -migrate", but nothing seems to

Please can anyone help on this???

Pleae reply to this message and/or email me directly to:

(please remove the NOSPAM_ bit)