I'm working with client on ZCM databse issue. SLES based Linux with
MSSQL2005 on W2K3 server. Were originally on 10.20, but have been 10.2.1
for 6 months. Have just updated to 10.2.2. successfully.

The SQL database .mdb is huge and has practically filled the 50GB volume.
When I check out the table sizes of live data I find the top 3 are

zStatusEvent 10.1GB
zObjectInfo 35.6GB
zMessageParam 0.5GB

Now I can dealt with the excessive messages stored easy enough, but
zStatusEvent and zObjectInfo?

I notice a TID on this issue :
which says :

"The zStatusEvent and zObjectInfo tables in the ZCM database may grow larger
than necessary and use up more space than required and degrade performance
from optimal levels."

In the immortal words of Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo: "Your darn'd tootin'!"

No additional info is given in the TID except to say it is fixed in 10.2.1.
Since they have been on 10.2.1 for a while, should they not have seen a
resolution? Is there anything I can do except log a Novell support call?