I am very mush use Tasklist on groupwise and I think it useful for my daily work. But one think I found on Tasklist help "Section 5.3, Using Tasks" on priority, it said that you can put as quoted as following.

"(Optional) Type a priority for the task.
The task priority can consist of a character followed by a number, such as A1, C2, B, or 3."

If you know about "ABCDE Method to get your undone task" This is very good that you can use A1, A2, A3 for your very important job and for B1,B2.. so on for your something Mind consequences. but when you assign the priority with this method the problem of GW client is will not show Priority in the Tasklist with the Alphabet. It will show only number.

So, I hope this feed back could have someone (Novell Developer) fix it. This will very productive for many people which using this ABCDE Method as me.