Does anyone know what the status of this is?


Page 20, where it states:

"ZDM 7 / ZAM 10 integration
• Allow both the ZAM 10 and the ZDM 7 agents to run on the
same Windows workstation

From my own testing:

ZCM 10.2 system removeds the ZDM7 agent on a Windows XP Pro machine. If
deployed via the web interface or if the agent exe is run on the machine.

ZCM 10.3 SP3 Release Candidate 1 does not removed the ZDM7 agent if it
installed from command line or via web interface.

However I can not find anything in the Documentation to confirm that this is
intended by design. And that it will by supported by Novell to run both the
ZDM and ZAM in a coexist mode when 10.3 ships.

Does anyone know what the official line is with 10.3 and when 10.3 will be

Many thanks

Adam Shailes