Running a Visual Foxpro application which has run for years on XP workstations attached to a Novell Server (6.5). Upgraded one workstation to Win 7 and whenever that on logs on the application, none of the other workstations can get in. Have tried it with a laptop also running Win 7 (just to eliminate the possibility that its a freak workstation) with identical results.

In short, in the VFP environment I can explicitly open a file shared in the Win 7 env, and when I try to open the same file in XP on another workstation, it tells me the "File is in use".

Other VFP experts have helped me narrow down the problem and it is clear that it is caused by Windows 7 not releasing a temporary lock used by VFP when it opens files (even shared ones). I am hoping that other Novell users have encountered similar behaviour using Windows 7 and can, perhaps, shed some light on what we might be able to do about the problem.

Any suggestions?