I'm absolutely new to BM, so please excuse my ignorance.

I've two NIC's in my server (NW 6.5 SP5), one private ( and one public
(195.230.xxx.163). The server is attached to a router (195.230.xxx.160). The public
side has NAT configured (static + dynamic), cause there are some secondary IP
addresses assigned, but I think that does not really matter here..

Further more, GW is running on the same server; I can connect without problems when
secifying IP on port 1677 in the GW logon. The weired thing is, as soon as
I enable my filters, GW hangs on the splash-screen. In my opinion the filters
shouldn't be applied to my GW connection when specifying my private server IP in the
GW logon. The same thing happens with my mapped drives: as soon as I enable the
filters, I've no more connection to these drives.

Either I don't understand the concept of BM or something is set completely false in
my network...

I've rechecked the boards and the assigned IP addresses over and over, everything
seems to be all right.
In inetcfg under protocols, tcp/ip is enabled and the IP Packet forwarding is set to
'Enabled (Router)".
The static routing is enabled and the Static Routing Table shows 'Default Route 195.230.xxx.160' (my router).

I've already reset the filters to the defaults..
In filtcfg 'Packet forwarding filters' action is set to 'Deny Packets in Filterlist'
and filters are the 2 default ones, that block everything (<All Interfaces> <Any>
Packet Type <PUBLIC> / <PUBLIC> <Any> Packet Type <All Interfaces).
And in the exception list there are all exceptions defined by default.

Under these exceptions there is one 'www-http-st' (<PUBLIC> => <All Interfaces). As I
understand that will allow incoming traffic to my apache2. Cause there is no outgoing
exception, I can't connect to the internet from any workstation withing my lan. So I
added an outgoing (stateful) exception: 'www-http-st' (<All Interfaces> => <PUBLIC>)
and that worked; I can successfully connect to the Internet.

So far the concept is quite logical for me, but why the hell is the private side
blocked by the filters???
Did I miss something in my setup?

Any help would be appreciated.