This BM3.7 server is highly annoying, and I've long hated it
but haven't wanted to touch it since it works. (Sure, proxy.nlm
bombs when downing the server, but other than that...)

But whoever originally set up this server before me did not
understand the concept of a proxy cache:
6.5 gig traditional volume......
Compression turned on
Immediate purge turned off
64k block size on VOL1
Suballocation on VOL1
Software-mirrored across two 8-gig drives

Finally tonight I axed that poorly-configured VOL1 and
replaced it with two smaller volumes:
VOL1: 3 gig traditional, 8k block, no suballocation
VOL2: 3.5 gig traditional, 8k block, no suballocation
Compression turned off
Immediate purge turned on

However, I have left it software mirrored. I realize this is
likely a really bad hit on the cache performance but I
don't see what else I can do without replacing the generic
SCSI controller with a RAID controller.

But anyway, after doing this, and adding VOL2 to the
proxy cache, it seems I can unload the proxy without it
abending the server! And I can unload the proxycfg as
well and the server no longer instantly dies and reboots.

Now, at this point the volumes are virtually blank so I
don't know if disabling suballocation had anything to do
with it. I will need to wait for the volumes to refill before
I'll know if the proxy unload crash has truly gone away..

As a side issue, ConsoleOne really scared me during
volume creation. After the server chewed away making
the new volumes, C1 came back with a message "could
not create VOL1 on (server) due to error -1001".

Meanwhile over on the server, VOL1 existed and was
properly mounted. I dismounted it, ran vrepair on it
several times and it came back fine each time. It also
remounted just fine.

Creating VOL2 did the same thing, "error -1001". I
had even checked the "don't mount after creation", yet
there it was on the server, mounted anyway. It vrepairs
clean and mounts/unmounts clean as well, and the
server reboots cleanly, so I have no idea what to
make of that ConsoleOne error.

The new volumes work, I can't find error -1001 in the
TIDs... so I guess I'll not worry about it.... :-?

-Dale Mahalko