We are implementing a RADWare box (Link proof) for the purpose of load
balancing and fail proof. (Bandwidth management is also preferred)

The configurations are:

Four BM servers(3.5-3.6), one ISA 2000 (sitting behind routers)
Two Internet links
Link ISP a (1Mbit) Link ISP b (1Mbit)
Cisco 2691 to ISP a- Leased Line
Cisco 2650 to ISP b- Frame Relay

First Intention: We was about to implement BGP, but now it has been
put on hold after RADware box was proposed. We plan to insert RADware
box between routers and BM Servers.

Does any one have experience about this? Are there any other cheaper
solutions? Have anyone tried Novell Dead Gateway option in Intecfg?,
how does it work?

The RADware box is quite expensive, especially, with bandwidth
management feature. However, it is better than learning and
configuring BGP.

Remark: The links serve 8 Branch offices. Each branch has its own
email server and web server.