I recently replaced our Netware Server with a new 6.5sp8 server. I installed iPrint durring the installation and thought everything was working. The Broker and PrintManager loaded on the new server and recognized the existing printers and allowed me to print using the iPrint client.

I recently tried to add printer to a new PC. After I loaded the client I tried to install a printer and I received an error message that there were no drivers.

I went iManager and checked the Broker and there were no drivers listed there. I opened the printer object and there were no drivers listed there as well. I then tried to create a printer driver profile and received the error message "Printer Driver Profile Management is currently not supported on this platform"

I then went into Broker management and tried to add a driver using "Add from file" and received the following error message "The specified module could not be found"

Any sugestions would be appeciated.