On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 19:46:32 GMT, murali_nagala@freddiemac.com wrote:
>We are seeing daily abends of or 3 BMgr servers after applying BM37

>PROXY.NLM is abending - TID10077151 (last modified 15JAN2003) states

>this problem has been fixed in BM37SP1.EXE (proxy 3.71a).
>Is anybody else seeing the same problem?

We are seeing soft abends of proxy. We installed the sp when it was
beta version 3 I think, and it was a new server so we haven't had anyexperience prior to this OS/SP level. We don't see abends every day,however. More like within a few days of rebooting we get one pretty
religiously, then once every week or 2 after we get another. We've
been up 22 days, and I'm looking at 3 soft abends right now. I'm
thinking I'm going to patch up to current (I'm pretty sure I am) and
then give Novell a call.

Christopher L. Davis Network Projects Director
The Principia cld@prin.edu