The back surgery has reduced the pain almost completely, and I had a trigger point injection day be fore yesterday. A muscle that was about 2 inches away from the surgery site that was causing constant pain. The process just involves a injection that will deaden the area where the pain is and thus let it know that it no longer needs to cause pain. My physical therapist and I decided it was needed so I went to my pain management Dr. He stabbed in the back.

During the period that the pain killer lasted I was pain free. Ah..... now that has worn off, and the short two or three days of pain that the steroids cause is winding down.

I'm almost pain free..... life is looking and feeling much better

Ah.... the wonders of science. The pain in my sit upon caused by Lunker remains but you'll help with him. Take away his hearing aids and he'll not hear us talking abut him..... hmmmm what a thought