I downloaded the VMWare demo of NOWSSBE from this Novell site.

Tried Convertor 4, ESXi 4, Workstation 7.... After some reading, it seems that I have to buy a Macintash, run Fusion 2.0, downgrade the vmdk fine and then I can look a the software.

That can't be right? It would imply that this software is only being previewed by the people in the world who own a Mac and run Fusion?

Can somebody help me use the VMWare NOWSSBE appliance from this websites download section, here:

NOVELL: Downloads - Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS) Small Business Edition 2 VMWare Virtual Appliance

It's a shocker at 5GB, but as disfunctional as it seems, this is the only mechanism I can find to actually preview the software in it's intended form.

Any help appreciated.