I'm wanting to move my Groupwise System from NetWare to SUSE Enterprise Linux Server.

Is there a way to "Copy" or "Backup" my data, and use it for testing, but still keep my Groupwise system live?

Meaning.. I want to take my GroupWise 7 system, clone it, put it on a separate network/server/hardware, etc.. for testing...but still leave a copy of it live, so that my staff and students do not loose any emails, downtime, while I test out everything.

Basically, I would like to shutdown the Groupwise, late at night, back it up or copy it somehow, and turn it all back on, so by morning everything is normal, but then spend a few days testing out migrations, from netware to suse, from gw7 to gw8, updates/patches, etc... but not have to effect my current system.

Any recommendations?

I'm still a little new to Groupwise and how the actual system works. Currently my entire GW system is on a Netware 6.5 sp8 box. I only have a single domain, PO box, and about 300 email accounts, all on 1 box.