We have been using iPrint for 10 years and we are very satisfy with this printing solution. But now we see some lack of functionality that should be implemented in near future.

The big problems is to manage Broker/Driver Store. To be able to add a printer-driver, you need to do this on the exact same operation system as the printer-driver. So if i as Printer-manager want to add a Win7 64bits driver and my computer at my office is WinXP, this is not possible. Do Novell really thing that us Printer-Manager have all type of operation systems at our office? We are a school where students have many different laptops and OS, WinXP, Vista, Win7, MacOS, Linux etc.
You all see the problem here?

The other big wish is that uploading of drivers is required trough Internet Explorer ONLY. So how do we add Mac-OS-driver? How do we add Linux-driver? This is a completely wrong choice of technology and strategy.

How about make a universal solution based on Java instead of ActiveX-****? Or just make a iPrint-Manager application that can handle this.

So just i question in the end:
How do i add a Mac-driver when i don't have a Mac? One time i had a Mac in my office and i wanted to add driver for system, but this was not possible since i didn't have Internet Explorer.

There is some serious logic failure in this!