When looking at the common log files that BM (3.7sp1) generates,
sometimes there is a leading dot in the user's fully distinguished name and sometimes there is not.

This problem causes all reporting to be confusing since each user can
appear more than once in the report - once with a leading dot and once

All users log in with either client trust or via SSL and their CN.
All authorization contexts have been set so that the users do not need to
enter their FDN.

Through testing, it has been determined that their are no connections
between those that log in with client trust and those that log in with
SSL and the problem with the users having a leading dot or not in the log

The customer is blaming the WebTrends reporting tool for showing users
twice. However, the problem is clearly with the BorderManager log

Is there any way to make the logging consistent? - Either all names
have a leading dot or all names do not.