One of our managers that is using caching mode is complaining that when he first logs in after the weekend that it takes over 3 minutes sometimes up to 5 minute before emails start syncing to his caching mail box after the initial request is made. I know things such as autoarchive happen upon first login but was trying to find something that would tell me what happens on initial login with a caching mailbox that might explain this. I assume after login (especailly after not being in over a 3 day period) a list of messages has to be built and sent to the client. Other than that I am not sure how to explain what is going on. After the initial sync which happens when first logging in, the regular timed syncs happen pretty quickly.

7:12:01 AM Send/Retrieve Novell GroupWise
7:12:01 AM Connecting to postoffice:1777...connected
7:12:02 AM Processing requests (sent 100% of 286092 bytes)
7:12:02 AM Processing requests (received 100% of 56 bytes)
7:13:30 AM Retrieving all items (sent 100% of 777440 bytes)
7:15:07 AM Retrieving all items (received 100% of 3996706 bytes)