Hi i have big trouble on our LAN with subject configuration...

When I save Excel (2000 or 2003) files to novell map drive i have error (document is damaged), when i saved to local or win mapped disk everything is OK. Other applications (WORD, graphic program saved all without problem).
ALL testing Files is damaged with size 34 092 544 bytes

I foun and try:
a) on server i set Set client file caching enabled = off
on client i disable caching
b) on windows registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\E xcel]

but problem i still have (on other Win7 ntb same problem).

I found this reason NOVELL: Downloads - Partner File for FILESYS.NLM
but i dont know if when i have boot or other problem if i can return back old
filesys.nlm and ncp.nlm without problem.

Can anybody help me with this problem please ?
(sorry for my bad english).

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