I have just installed BM3.7 with sp1 on a Novell Netware 6 sp2 server
have the following problems:

- Internet access works fine here on the local site, but on a remote
(over a router) I get no access.

I have disabled access rules because I first want a working situation
I use the following TCP/IP settings:
TCP/IP status: enabled
IP packet forwarding: enabled to next hop
RIP: enabled
OSPF: disabled
Lan static routing: Enabled; default route
Dead gateway: disabled
DNS resolver: DNS IP filled in
Everything else: default settings

- When I enable a second NIC (Ethernet) I can't get connection to the

internet at all. The first NIC is a Token Ring interface

The cisco engineer claims that everything on the routers is ok and he

can't solve this for us

Any suggestions?

Laszlo Fischer