I will take either.....

I have had a few re-installs to get C1 and GW8.0.1 Sp1HP1 plugins working happily. but no Linux path option in GW settings. This is a problem, I am done, but I can't manage w/o it.

I was prompted once for the domain path ( which would also solve the issue) but that was installs ago..... Never to be prompted again, as I understand this is by design.


1. Where is the prep or config file to modify or delete so I can be prompted again for the GW Domain location.

2. Why do I not have the "Linux Path" option in C1 after the GW admin plugins have been installed.

My configuration is SLES 10 SP3 with a Secondary domain running GW 8.0.1 SP1 HP1 MTA and WebAccess

Anyone have the magic??