Thanks Novell,, quality....!!!

Got 8 XP/Sp3 pc's, all identical (same image)
All different IP address
all different Hostname
all shipped to different locations

When on site, they're powered on and we go in with remote desktop
and install the zen-agent so they register correctly from the right
place and then promote them to SAT servers for ZEn.

But,, really, I posted a thread that approx 50% went from static IP to
DHCP when installing the client, this is not true,, seems like 80%.

Why the ...xsa%(%/# should installing the ZenAgent revert the PC to
DHCP in Windows ?????????????????????

And no, the problem is not with the machine or the install, if that
was the case, I couldn't have connect to it in the first place through
RemoteDesktop. It's 100% verified that by installing the ZenAgent
(curren 12.2.2), this scenario happens.

Luckily, we can trace them when it happens through the DHCP console.