This is one sles 10 sp 2. I have create the account on the server, not through eDir.

I have set up a website folder for a developer and made the developer part of a ftpgroup. I have made the ftpuser's home directory the directory that will house the website structure.

I used a chmod -R 755 to give others r-x permissions to the home directory and all the directories below it. I tested it and it worked, others had access and the site was available.

But the developer access the directory via ftp and is modifying files w/in the directory structure and appears to be uploading the entire structure he has on his development wrkst. After the ftp update of his home directory (which is the public directory, he is the only one that has permissions to below the home directory level.

How do I set it up so that others will be able to access the site even after an ftp session updates the directory?