I tried going out side the firewall and found that I still can't get
any login for the proxy accelerator. I have made a few observations.

Right now if I turn off acceleration I get to the site and all sub components, if I turn it on I get page not found errors..
If I do a trace I see the request for the page, then I see the proxy
server doing the redirect message to the login page, then I see a few
packets to the authentication port 3 (in this case 453 to avoid
conflict with SSL) and that's it. I don't see any calls for any other pages or
any response from the miniwebserver the way I thought I should for the
login page. I tried open more tcp ports like 1939 and 453 and I get nothing.

Some more info.

This BorderManager server has no forward proxy enabled, just the
accelerator and VPN. No NAT, routing is turned on.

Only 2 weeks to finally get back to this problem, not bad. <g>

Rob Aronson, President
Perfect Networks, Inc.
Hollywod, CA USA
Using GroupWise is the only way to get the message!

>>> Craig Johnson<craigsj@ix.netcom.com> 02/01/03 10:35AM >>>

Does SSL authentication work through forward proxy?

Do you have filter exceptions to deny traffic to the reverse proxy
preceded by an Allow URL rule for it?

When you get to the proxied web site, can you get past the initial page? Sure that data is not coming from browser cache?

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
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