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_Mare.Selan@unistarlc.si_ says...
> Hello
> I have a problem accesing Novell download pages. When I click on a

product to download I get this error:
> The Novell download site uses web server sessions to remember the

product you are currently trying to download and other information
about your connection. In order for these sessions to work, you must
enable JavaScript and cookies on your browser. To verify these
settings, please follow the instructions below...
> Direct connection works, proxy.cfg is Craig's rev.3
> Thanks

I was having the same problem. The following corrected it for me.

Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 19:23:44 GMT
Subject: Re: - bm problems?

Turn off Read-Ahead, under Caching under Cache Control.
This has fixed the exact same problem for me.