I've got a ZFD User Policy Package that does a GPO to windows XP

It points to a \\server\something\directory

I know that normally unless you go and "edit" that GPO, the workstation/ZEN won't reinstall (probably not the proper term) policy again (we have "caching" enabled)

The question I have is this:

Does ZEN look at the eDir object to determine if it's been updated or does it look at the GPO files themselves to determine the update?

So let's say I have 30 ZEN policy objects and each one points to the same policy files, just that the files are on diff. file servers (we replicated/sync via taskmaster/rsync currently)

I'm just wondering if I need to trigger the update on one of them (so it'll update the files on the server which then replicates everywhere) or if i have to "touch" each ZEN Policy package edir object.