Good morning!

I have problem with setting autodetect proxy in our network.

1) NW 6.5 SP7, BM 3.8 SP5
2) I prepared wpad.dat file with script to return address our proxy server
3) I added option wpad-url, id 252, text "http://ourdomain/wpad.dat" to DHCP.
I restarted DHCP module.
4) I added text "application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig dat" to file mime-types.
I added text "AddType application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig .dat" to file httpd.conf.
I restarted Apache server.

And now, situation in IE 8.0.6 (Firefox...)
I verified, that DHCP server sent good IP address with DNS configuration to my station.
a) I checked only "Use Automatic Configuration Script" with text "http://ourdomain/wpad.dat" - GOOD!!!
b) I checked only "Autodetect proxy settings" - FALSE!!!

Therefore I think, that problem is in the DHCP setting - but I don't know, why...
I restarted netware server ... nothing ...

Any ideas?

Martin Hajciar
High school, Humpolec
Czech Republic